BLOG #57. Just Announced Winners of Their HFN-2018 Awards
Their verdict:

"Best IEM (Price no objection): StereoPravda SB-7

The SB-7 for sure is one of the most unique looking universal IEM in the whole wide world. StereoPravda thinks outside of the box and it works, just try one with a good source and amp and you’ll know why it’s getting an award".
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BLOG #56. RMAF-2018 - The Path of the Least Resistance: Shorting Down a Heavenly Access to the Ground of an Earthly Possession
"... the vast majority of the visitors come to the audio shows now simply because, instead of obsessively working to gain an "Access to Musical Heaven", the current audiophile community gradually replaced that long work with a short circuit to the ground of being too possessed over such a mundane and down-to-earth deed as an anticipation of a next cycle of not conscious – and that’s why - absolutely meaningless "Possession"".

(pictured left to right: Chris Sommovogo, EveAnna Manley, Misha Kucherenko)
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BLOG #55. Published a Review of StereoPravda SPearphone SB-5 published a review of StereoPravda SPearphone SB-5.

To quote: “The SB-5 is … a stunning vocal specialist… [with] that laser-like focus on vocal delivery…

… I personally found myself trawling through my jazz and singer-songwriter collection just to see how the SB-5 dealt with the vocal performances. If this is your bag then you will get sucked right into the SB-5’s presentation”.

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BLOG #54. Published a Review of StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7 published a review of StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7

To quote: “What an experience the SPearphone SB-7 has been. The SB-7 certainly is a one of a kind creation by a unique designer, that’s the least one can say…

… Misha’s “No pain, no Gain” philosophy is what it is but if you can handle that you can be sure to get an incredibly good high-end sounding IEM with a sound signature you’ve never heard before. A technical marvel.

Well done StereoPravda”.
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BLOG #53. Just Published a Review of Our StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7 just published a review of our StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7

To quote: "...every aspect of the SB-7 serves its sound quality and, in this regard, it definitely makes a statement. At such a price point, listeners are searching for a sublime audio experience, and that’s what the SB-7 provides". Read more…

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BLOG #52. YURI_ZVUKOGRAF Video Blog Published a StereoPravda DACCA Review (in Russian)
YURI_ZVUKOGRAF Video Blog Published a StereoPravda DACCA Review (in Russian) Read more…

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BLOG #51. A Quick Reminder on Our Seminal Moment
To commemorate our third anniversary one more time we would like to refresh everybody’s memory here on that seminal interview that I gave to my dear friend Gary Reber, The Editor-In-Chief of Widescreen Review magazine, in 2015.

Gary’s strong support for my ideas has been a crucial factor that did instigate my resolution to start the StereoPravda SPearphone project.
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BLOG #50. To Commemorate Our Third Anniversary... (...and also the FIFTIETH BLOG Here): Masha Interviews Misha
To Commemorate Our Third Anniversary (and the FIFTIETH BLOG here): Masha Kazantseva of AnalogSound facebook group interviews Misha Kucherenko of StereoPravda (in English) Read more…

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BLOG #49. A Sneak Preview from Our Lab
A sneak preview from our lab... Read more…

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BLOG #48. Just Published New Sets of Measurements of StereoPravda SPearphone SB-5/SB-7/SB-7A Family of Earphones
As I mentioned on numerous occasions before, the earphone technology based on “passive” implementation of historically happened nomenclature of the current BA-drivers – which is practically unchanged for more than several decades – and even in its multi-way incarnation, allows to build only: either high resolution products, or wide frequency band products (I am talking mostly about low end extension here). But not both at the same time. The only way to “have your cake and to eat it” is via application of a multi-way “active” configuration of separate BA-driver sections, where each earphone section has got some necessary adjustments on the board and is driven but its own separate amplifier. And the latter is exactly what is happening when our SB-7A are driven by our dedicated differential DAC/Control audio processor/two-way separate Amplifiers-in-one DACCA unit. Read more…

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BLOG #47. YURI_ZVUKOGRAF Video Blog Published an SB-7’s Review (in Russian)
YURI_ZVUKOGRAF Video Blog Published an SB-7’s Review (in Russian) Read more…

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BLOG #46. The Doom of Constant Anticipation – Some Personal Impressions from Munich High End Show-2018
...if that surrogate anticipation buzz for “something new” is not dethroned, and if it is not replaced with some clear-cut pathways to the sonic Nirvana - which were fully established a long time ago but seemed to be forgotten by now -  the High End Audio community is all doomed to no more than just to roll endlessly its “Sisyphus stones” up to the steep hills of its members’ personal ambitions.
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BLOG #45. An Italian Resource Simply Audiophile Just Published Our SB-7’s Review by Giovanni Panicale (in English)
An Italian resource Simply Audiophile just published our SB-7's review by Giovanni Panicale (in English)

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BLOG #44. Our First English Video Teaser
We just completed our first video teaser specially produced for the forthcoming Moscow HiFi & High End Show - 2018.

We’ll be exhibiting our wares there from April 13th to April 15th. Read more…

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BLOG #43. “ Just Published an Interview with Chris Sommovigo, Our Partner in the StereoPravda SPearphone Project” just published an interview with Chris Sommovigo,  our indispensable partner in the StereoPravda SPearphone project Read more…

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BLOG #42. Just Published Its Latest CanJam NYC-2018 Report
“…If there was any man at the show dedicated to his trade with hope for the future and a genuine heart to share it to anyone willing to listen, it was Misha…” Read more…

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BLOG #41. Manufacturers vs Customers - 50:0 (Some Personal Impressions from the CanJam NYC-2018)
"...during this total technological capabilities’ side transition time – when “the ball” will be in the hands of the customers’ – and not the manufacturers’ – team, we should put all our expectations for some alleged “new” products on hold.

But after that monumental task is accomplished, the next task to provide some appropriate means to uncork audio enthusiasts’ own personal potential for greatness and to satisfy their genuine “crave” – the means which would exploit all 100% of the available technologies’ potential – this next task will be just a trivial one".
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BLOG #40. A Feature Review of StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7 Was Just Published on Head-Fi.Org
"...If you’re looking to spend ANY amount of money on a headphone, and are not quite at the $2500 range, yet; save up and buy these. If you have not heard these yet, get yourself to an audio show and try them. You will regret it. You will regret that you cannot take them home with you from the show..." Read more…

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BLOG #39. Which Game Would You Like to Play?
A participant of one of the Russian audio forums recently asked me the following question:

«Misha Kucherenko, haven’t [you] thought about releasing a more mass market product in a $500-1000 price range? Say, in order to let the wider audience to get involved instead of just a minor group of elite?”

So, here is my answer…
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BLOG #38. Just Published a Rave Review on Our StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7
"...The SB-7 is the most reference and technically the most accurate sounding IEM I have reviewed for 2017…

…Honestly, its just out there as something truly unique and refreshing. We need more people like Misha questioning what is normal and pushing the boundaries of earphone design. If boutique is to survive and if we want this crazy hobby of ours to continue to amaze then more fascinating and brilliant sounding products like the SB-7 are the key".
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