BLOG #53. Just Published a Review of Our StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7 just published a review of our StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7:

The same review was also released on Ryan Soo’s (the Australian reviewer) own web site:

Here is how Ryan explained the title of his review in his personal messages to me:

“It's a double meaning
The earphone is composed under pressure
But also your ears may feel some pressure
Also, the queen song haha…

… It's a positive comment

On complex tracks, it has very controlled treble so it is easy to hear details and separate individual instruments

The song is about the pressure of a relationship causing pain, however, the earphone is composed so it subverts the song at face value, but it also toes in with some of my struggles with ergonomics

Some readers will get it, some won't, it was just a theme that made sense to me…“

I must admit that Ryan’s review has got more useful descriptions of the SB-7'S sonics than any other one up to this moment.

His razor sharp comments about the ear monitors’ sound deliver - with an amazing power - a very TRUTHFUL and a very palpable sonic picture.

…Of course, it's only in my own humble opinion...

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