BLOG #62. Stereopravda SPearphone SB-7 Have Been Recently Compared to Two “Top-Of-The-League” Custom In-The-Ear-Monitors


BLOG #62. Stereopravda SPearphone SB-7 Have Been Recently Compared to Two “Top-Of-The-League” Custom In-The-Ear-Monitors

Stereopravda SPearphone SB-7 have been recently compared to two “Top-Of-The-League” Custom In-The-Ear-Monitors by two reputable websites.


StereoPravda SB-7 ($2500):

The SB-7 is the antithesis to the Phantom delivering a brighter sound with greater focus on treble. The Phantom offers greater bass extension and notably more emphasis throughout its low-end. However, though fuller, this comes at the cost fine detail with control being higher on the SB-7. The SB-7 is also a lot faster at the cost of being leaner and less impactful. The SB-7 continues this style of tuning into the midrange where it has substantially less body mainly on behalf of its less present upper-bass. On the contrary, its upper-midrange is more present creating a brighter, clearer and more revealing presentation.

It is more tonally transparent than the warm Phantom though it doesn’t have the same natural timbre, erring slightly on the brighter side of neutral. The SB-7 has a brighter high-end too. Actually, the SB-7 has less lower-treble, or rather, it stands out less. Instead, it delivers a more organic treble on behalf of its upper-midrange tuning while a more sizable middle-treble emphasis adds some energy, air and zing. It has more note clarity where the Phantom is crisper in the foreground but also slightly less extended and bodied.


StereoPravda SB-7 ($2500):

The SB-7 is a brighter, leaner earphone that maximises speed, to an even greater extent than the NT-8. What both share is a very impressively extended and super hard-hitting sub-bass. The NT-8 has more quantity and has more body through the mid and upper-bass. As such, it sounds more neutral where the SB-7 is on the lean side. On the flipside, the SB-7 is a touch more controlled and slightly faster, it has insane bass definition.

The SB-7 actually doesn’t have the same vocal presence as the enhanced NT-8 though its clarity is higher as a result of superior upper-midrange extension and emphasis. It sounds distinctly thinner but as its bass/midrange transition is quite linear similar to the NT-8, it isn’t at all a raspy or hollow sound. Still, the NT-8 does strike as more natural whereas the SB-7 is more revealing. The SB-7 has a very intriguing treble presentation, it is immensely well detailed in both the foreground and background. Like the Katana, it has emphasis in both lower and middle-treble which contrasts to the NT-8.

It is a touch more detailed and details are more forward on the SB-7 as a result, both earphones are very controlled and composed despite their brighter backgrounds. The NT-8 has more upper-treble quantity which contributes to a sparkly and slightly more energetic presentation. The NT-8 has the larger soundstage, especially with regards to width while the SB-7 is more rounded. What the SB-7 brings is sublime imaging, it is slightly more separated than the NT-8.

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