BLOG #61. The Russian Federation’s Intellectual Property Agency Issued Another Patent by Mikhail Kucherenko

On February 25th, 2019 The Russian Intellectual Property Agency issued another patent by Mikhail Kucherenko called “In-the-ear-canal Earphone”:

It’s about a common sound tube variation of our own basic multiple BA-drivers configuration.

The patent has entered its PCT phase, which means that we are working now on issuing this patent in other world territories.

Our StereoPravda Spearphone-series' ear monitors are all designed in full accordance with the design principles described in the patent.

Actually, I shoot myself in feet while I’ve been writing extensively on our ideas in various publications and on Internet forums.

As the biggest obstacle to receive this patent happened to be to prove its novelty to an agent from the Russian Patent Offices, who objected “the novelty” of my application several times on the grounds that I, that is myself, already discussed some of the application’s ideas in MY OWN written materials.

So, you never know…

But eventually, I proved “the novelty” of this one, and it’s all happy ending now…

20.03.2019 // Author:  (Bigmisha) // Number of views:  224

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