BLOG #14. Where “Underdogs” Usually Win
In his last book, “David and Goliath”, Malcolm Gladwell wrote:
“There is a set of advantages that have to do with material resources, and there is a set that have to do with the absence of material resources - and the reason underdogs win as often as they do is that the latter is sometimes every bit the equal of the former”. Read more…

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BLOG #13. “To Dine Out with the Rich You Have to Feed Breakfasts to the Poor” – AN EPILOGUE TO THE MOSCOW “HI-FI & HIGH END SHOW – 2016”
This show was 100% predictable and completely followed its pre-written script: to exhibitors it was another desperate shot (sic!) at the (Russian) roulette; to visitors it was just an entertaining circus to see what’s going to happen as a result of it.
Read more…

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BLOG #12. «So Many “Sweet Spots”, But So Little Sweet…» A PROLOGUE TO «MOSCOW HI-FI & HIGH END SHOW-2016»
Wikipedia generally defines “sweet spot” as “a place where a combination of factors results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort” (please, see the first picture). Read more…

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BLOG #11. “Why Do We Need to Tear Truth’s Protective Layers, and How We Can Do This – In Anticipation Of “Hi-Fi & High End Show -2016””
A year ago we showed our StereoPravda SPearphones and DACCA unit for the first time at the Moscow “Hi-Fi & High End Show-2015” (by the way, in Russian, a word “pravda” stands for “truth”). Read more…

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#10. AN ANNOUNCEMENT: StereoPravda SPearphone Portable Components Will Be Demonstrated at Moscow “HiFi & High End Show” (April 14th-17th, Hotel “Aquarium” @ “Crocus City” Complex)
At High Performance Portable Audio section of Moscow “HiFi & High End Show” (table # 29 at "The Vynil Show";) StereoPravda will be demonstrating its SPearphone-series ear monitors designed by Misha Kucherenko paired with portable DAC/Crossover/dual Amplifers DACCA unit designed by Alexei Malanin. Read more…

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As the below history is brief, I’ll try to stay brief. Read more…

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#8. A Consuming Passion on the Rocks: How Even the Best “Customs” Follow the Same Customs of "Consume"
When asked, why “traditional” audiophiles are not interested in high performance portable audio, my usual reply is that it’s a “chicken and an egg scenario”: in the absence of registered proposition there is no registered demand. And vice versa. Read more…

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#7. The “Open” ‘cans – Aren't They Much Like the Opened Cans?!
t’s a common knowledge that the best sounding headphones, including the most expensive ones, are all “open” design ones.
And it’s been taken for granted through the whole history of “portable” audio. Read more…

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#6. “Out of the Mouths of Babies Comes the Truth”
Yesterday I conducted a personal demo of our StereoPravda SPearphone SB- family of earphones for an old friend of mine.
Time after time I am taken aback by how precise common people, who never heard of High End Audio, can sometimes describe the “sonics” of what they heard. Read more…

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#5. What Is the Original Meaning of the Word “Stereo”?
Throughout the years I’ve been asking my numerous colleagues in High End Audio the same question over and over again: “What is the original meaning of the word “stereo”?”
Instead of an answer, I would get a puzzled look: “??!…What do you mean, hm, oh, yes, the word “stereo”, right”? Read more…

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Dear audiopohiles!
We are sincerely grateful for your choice of using a product from our StereoPravda’s family of SPearphones! Read more…

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#3. Our CES-2016 Report
My CES-2016 reports are here Read more…

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#2. How Hearing-Impaired Improve What We Can Hear
A few days ago I ran into an info on a famous hearing aid manufacturer Phonak’s web site.
According to their (I am sure, too optimistic) estimate, their newest type of hearing aids- IIC (Invisible-In-Channel) - can fit no more than 50% of potential users due to the variations in individual ear channel anatomy. Read more…

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#1. To Be at the Right Time at the Right Place Being Prepared - That's Not All You Need to Succeed in Audio
To succeed in audio is like to succeed in sports: the key is not only to be prepared, but also to be at the right time at the right place.
But that's not all you need. Read more…

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StereoPravda Exhibit's Preview At The Forthcoming Canjam NYC-2017
Jude Mansilla's of preview of our exhibit at the forthcoming Canjam NYC-2017 can be found here. Read more…

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StereoPravda's Canjam NYC -2017 preview
Jude Mansilla's of previews our exhibit at the forthcoming Canjam NYC-2017 Read more…

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StereoPravda's Canjam NYC exhibit preview
Jude Mansilla's of preview of our exhibit at the forthcoming Canjam NYC-2017 Read more…

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StereoPravda @canjam NYC-Jude's Preview
Jude Mansilla's preview of StereoPravda's exhibit at the forthcoming canjam NYC-2017 Read more…

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