BLOG #77. CanJam NYC-2020: Newton’s First Law In Action
"... in the end, the whole industry, with all its middlemen, is ripening what it sowed: ... it fully relies upon (brought up by them accordingly) a very narrow minded customer base, whose development in this hobby is driven by perception of relatively small increments of change in the products’ sound quality as The Third Coming.
And this is the customer base, which claims, allegedly, having the highest sonic aspirations". Read more…

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BLOG #76. Just Published a Review of StereoPravda SPearphone “SB-3.5”
To quote,

“…The [“SB-3.5”’s] sound quality is unprecedented, offering a large airy soundstage and an “out-of-your-head” experience with a very musical midrange. It is the perfect earphone for those who truly love the open soundstage of high-end open-backed dynamic headphones but want or need the isolation of an IEM. “

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BLOG #75. My Album Of 2019
My album of 2019 is Jacques Brel's two previously released EPs in one called "Ces Gens-La".

It was originally released in 1966, but then it was "refurbished" in high-rez 24/96 in 2016.
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BLOG #74. Happy New Year!
We wish you a very happy New Year! Read more…

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BLOG #73. The Russian Federation’s Intellectual Property Agency Issued One More (Utility Model) Patent For An IEMs’ Technology by Mikhail Kucherenko
On September the 19th, 2019 The Russian Intellectual Property Agency issued one more (Utility Model) patent by Mikhail Kucherenko called “In-The-Ear-Canal Earphone”. Read more…

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BLOG #72. StereoPravda’s Products Can Be Auditioned At Audio Gourmet-2019 Show in Vilnius, Lithuania
StereoPravda’s products can be auditioned at the forthcoming Audio Gourmet-2019 show in Vilnius, Lithuania (November 22-24) in our Latvian Distributor’s Room #3 (Pro1 Soundstore). Read more…

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BLOG #71. StereoPravda’s Products Can Be Auditioned At Moscow High End Show-2019
StereoPravda’s products can be auditioned at Moscow High End Show-2019, which is happening right now at Holiday Inn Tagansky (Simonovsky Val, 2),
room 238 (Triumph/RixVox).

Read more…

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BLOG #70. RMAF-2019: A Totally Blurred Vision
"... from the perspective of current High End Audio’s potential “new blood” representatives – the bystanders of the audiophile scene, which are the only ones that can save it from its coming collapse - the High End Audio Utopia is inevitably becoming a Dystopia.

And not because the former’s various fractions’ potential goals and purposes are not fully reachable, actually, they are.

It will become a Dystopia only for a single reason: because these goals are still not tightly focused, and, as such, are not seen at all".
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BLOG #69. Published a Review of StereoPravda SPearphone “SB-3.5”
To quote,

“… Listening to the SB IEMS is always an experience. The SPearphones are a one of a kind creation by a unique designer, that’s the least one can say…

… The StereoPravda SB-3.5 will never win a beauty contest or get an award for comfort but the SB-3.5 isn’t about that. Misha’s “no pain, no gain” philosophy is what it is but if you can handle that you can be sure to get a very nice and unique high-end sounding IEM with a sound signature you’ve never heard before. A fine example of a technical masterpiece. The truth and nothing but the truth”.
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BLOG #68. Would You Go for a “Mountain”, Or Are You Content with Just a “Molehill”?
"...a customer’s choice for a solution to truly advance the level of his/her audiophile capabilities will be efficient only when it is dictated by some very obvious, dramatic and significant sonic differences, and not by some relatively insignificant flavor-type fluctuations in, basically, an insipid homogeneity of a multitude of barely distinguishable products and all sorts of their even less distinguishable among themselves modifications". Read more…

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BLOG #67. The Power of Right Relationships – Seeing My Former “Ex-s”
"My portable audio project is fully based on all the knowledge and experience I gained from 25 years of actively participating in all aspects of no-holds-barred home High End Audio. That knowledge, those advanced hearing skills, those insights and that experience constitutes the foundation of our StereoPravda activities, and they all pave the way for it in the future.

Figuratively speaking, our portable audio products are like proverbial bottles which contain the sound of my former audio systems that I can take anywhere with me (and which allow me to share the excitement over their sonics with anybody who would listen)".
Read more…

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BLOG #66.6. I'll Be Bach!
"A few days ago, we had to “terminate” four our International distributors...

... I am not suggesting here a lack of resolution, willingness, competence or even resources on our former StereoPravda’s International distributors’ part. I’ve been in their shoes, and I know how frustrating you can feel when something that you personally strongly believe in is completely irrelevant to your customers.

At the same time, I don’t really see any signs of their eagerness to modify their deeply ingrained algorithms for their business models. Like, similar to what my former company had to do when we tried to adapt our well-proven pure home audio business models to the arrival of some new categories of related products at the onset of the Home Theater craze..."
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BLOG #65. Our Shrink Blessing
"The big companies have no choice but to rely on some already proven technologies that completely correlate with the current scales of demand, therefore, the bigger a certain current demand is, the more limited the big companies are in their choice of applying some off-the-beaten-tracks and “outdated” technologies. At the same time, even the most up-to-date techniques and technologies (let’s say, 3D printing) still have their limitations, and in a lot of cases, the only way to overcome the limitations is still to apply a passionate and métier-type hand crafting...

... as StereoPravda  would always rather spent all the available space and all the available budget on much nobler causes such as the sonic “optimality”, our “shrink” technology for making the cases for ear monitors allows us to provide the thinnest and cheapest earphone cases in the whole industry. And that’s exactly why we use it. At the same time, our cases are as strong and as durable as all the rest (if not even more so)".

(on the picture: Jerry Harvey auditioning StereoPravda SPearphone "SB-7") Read more…

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BLOG #64. High End Munich-2019: Full Blown OCPD
"...I have always seen various demonstrations of perfectionism in High End Audio – without its main “task” clearly formulated and accepted as a guiding principle – as no more than just various demonstrations of OCPD symptoms.

... then, how healthy can be an industry relying on unhealthy state of its potential customers?

Actually, it can be very healthy.

However, only after it would openly declare its true mission: that is to help a certain type of unhealthy people".
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BLOG #63. StereoPravda @High End Munich-2019 Show Announcement
This year our presence at the High End Munich show (May 9th -12th ) at the Etalon Sound booth (Hall 2 F11) will be featuring our new StereoPravda SPearphone SB-4 ear monitor ($2 000) (with the rest of our usual wares). Read more…

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BLOG #62. Stereopravda SPearphone SB-7 Have Been Recently Compared to Two “Top-Of-The-League” Custom In-The-Ear-Monitors
Stereopravda SPearphone SB-7 have been recently compared to two “Top-Of-The-League” Custom In-The-Ear-Monitors by two reputable websites. Read more…

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BLOG #61. The Russian Federation’s Intellectual Property Agency Issued Another Patent by Mikhail Kucherenko
On February 25th, 2019 The Russian Intellectual Property Agency issued another patent by Mikhail Kucherenko called “In-the-ear-canal Earphone”: Read more…

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BLOG #60. CanJam NYC-2019: The Customer Is Not Always Right
"... in the current corporate feuds, “The Customer Is Always Right” only when he or she is willing to shell out ridiculous amounts of money for some quickly outdated products, but the dictum immediately changes to “The Customer Is Not Always Right” as soon as he or she starts to raise (however humbly) a voice regarding some eternal values.

... the time has come when to be “always right” again in future, the customers should remind themselves about the roots of their enthusiasm for music and sound and to put up with a necessity to, at least, temporarily admit that sometimes they can be “not always right”". Read more…

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BLOG #59. 12 Audiophile Steps of Stairway to Heaven
"...below are the main ideas/steps, which are defined specifically for High End Audio.

Which are the ones that you should be fully aware of, and, according to my own personal experience, that awareness is the only way which would allow you to thread a correct road map through complete appreciation of a role of each of these steps to arrive at the best possible sonic achievements.

This road map, in my opinion, will allow everyone, who really wants it, to climb at “The Highest Peaks of Audio”".
Read more…

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BLOG #58. Holy Grail of the Third Dimension - A Concise Course in High End Audio’s Fourth One
“…if we would get back to “the roots” of the traditional “stereo” recording process (and, historically, that is exactly whence High End Audio’s legs grow), then “The Holy Grail” of the whole “stereo” industry is a recreation of a three-dimensional sound field of an original recording filled with tightly focused (“solid”) musical “images”…

…Thereby, a degree of manifestation of that primary effect of sonic “holography” should be, by the original definition of the “stereo” technology, the main criterion of the (“stereo”) “sound quality”…”
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