BLOG #75. My Album Of 2019


BLOG #75. My Album Of 2019

My album of 2019 is Jacques Brel's two previously released EPs in one called "Ces Gens-La".

It was originally released in 1966, but then it was "refurbished" in high-rez 24/96 in 2016.

As much as I tried to avoid being stuck in the past and to avoid to constantly use the prefixes "re-" in this BLOG, but, alas, in terms of songwriting, quality of musicianship, artistic value and - bear with me! - absolutely impeccable sound quality, nothing contemporary impressed me as much this year as this gem from the sixties.

No doubt, there were some instrumental albums in 2019, which I would pick up for the winner instead of this one. But nothing can replace a properly recorded exquisite human voice charged with such a true passion.

This album makes you to re-calibrate your senses and to once again reconsider the subject of why the future of audio - with all its latest bells and whistles - still resides in the past.

[P.S. In terms of "striking a cigar pose" in many of my own pictures, smoking image on the album cover is purely coincidental.]

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