#10. AN ANNOUNCEMENT: StereoPravda SPearphone Portable Components Will Be Demonstrated at Moscow “HiFi & High End Show” (April 14th-17th, Hotel “Aquarium” @ “Crocus City” Complex)


#10. AN ANNOUNCEMENT: StereoPravda SPearphone Portable Components Will Be Demonstrated at Moscow “HiFi & High End Show” (April 14th-17th, Hotel “Aquarium” @ “Crocus City” Complex)

At High Performance Portable Audio section of Moscow “HiFi & High End Show” (table # 29 at "The Vynil Show";) StereoPravda will be demonstrating its SPearphone-series ear monitors designed by Misha Kucherenko paired with portable DAC/Crossover/dual Amplifers DACCA unit designed by Alexei Malanin.

For the last quarter of century Misha Kucherenko, the ideologist behind the series, founded and actively participated in day-to-day running of several Russian High End Audio distribution businesses.
During this time he’s been also constantly writing, as a journalist, for various audio-related magazine and internet resources.
According to his opinion, the same way, as some years ago a change from using exclusively home phone land lines to almost exclusive use of cell phone took place with no loss in quality of communication, we need now, due to the increased mobility of population and some other factors, to figure out a way to transfer the most of serious home audio’ best achievements to the portable technical platform.
This problem is also pending due to the fact that there recently appeared a lot of technological breakthroughs which would significantly facilitate the process.

It goes without saying that only hardcore “traditional” audiophiles, who have got “correct” audio outlook and convictions, are capable of building a bridge from high performance home audio to a portable version of it.
At the moment the vast majority of portable audio equipment, especially, portable acoustic transducers, are examples of completely different, than High End Audio, ideologies and approaches, as a rule, founded on a necessity to cater only the products, which can meet the demands of “all and everyone”, correspondently, these products are produced by the companies which have got nothing to do with High End Audio’s system of values.
That’s why, when typical audiophiles, being fully aware of exclusivity status of their hobby, glance in the direction of even the best audio systems made to be used “on-the-go”, they are not too excited by the most of the gear, as, in this context, they don’t feel connected to these “all and everyone”.

StereoPravda’s portable equipment is the opposite, it’s, definitely, not for “all and everyone”.
The fact that these products were developed in the context of High End Audio’s 40+ years’ worth of knowledge, experience and ideology, by definition, indicates that these products are not “for everybody”.
These products are only for those, who see the best quality for their portable music playback is not only a top priority, but who, as it’s taken for granted in serious home audio, to attain it, are ready to commit, a necessary additional effort.
Briefly speaking, compared to using a typical high quality portable component, when “one size fits all”, there is a certain set of requirements a StereoPravda SPearphone user has to meet.

But all the above is to serve our common mission - to pass the torch of the High End Audio’s venerable system of proven values to the new generation of “true” audiophiles.


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