BLOG #111. Moscow Hi-End Show-2022 Is Over


BLOG #111. Moscow Hi-End Show-2022 Is Over

Moscow Hi-End Show-2022 (December 16th to 18th) is over - and, gosh, what a great one it's been!

However small it was, its vibe was perfect - a dedicated crowd's excitement, a feeling of delight from great demos and the spirit of comradeship were palpably hanging in the air of Holiday Inn Seligerskaya for its all three days.

A fear of uncertainty over the forthcoming local future notwithstanding, the life goes on, and even during the worst times, we all still need an outlet for the best in us.
And such audio shows - wherever they are taking place, and whatever the particular moment in history is - definitely provide one.

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  Left to right: Valentin Kazanzhi (of Kennerton Audio headpgones' fame) and Misha Kucherenko of StereoPravda

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  Left to Right: Anatoliy Firsov of For Sound acoustic room treatment devices, Misha Kucherenko and the company show room's hostess Yara

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