BOOKS #01. “StereoPravda – Politically Incorrect View On High End Audio” by Misha Kucherenko – A Brief Description


BOOKS #01. “StereoPravda – Politically Incorrect View On High End Audio” by Misha Kucherenko – A Brief Description

High End Audio is an often misleading and too general term, it casts it's shadow over the plethora of things that look closely related between themselves - but are quite dissimilar in fact: the research in human ear's sensitivity, the elation and the boosted self-appreciation that any purchase of a status symbol provides, the genuine technical masterpieces that transport you to the highest reaches of sound Utopia, the widest choice of gadgets that are no more that polished steam engines - and some whimsical exotics.

The book in your hands is unique, its mission is to reintroduce the very phenomenon of High End Audio in its historical and technical contexts, in its philosophy, ideology and aesthetics.

It's written by a person who is a part of the movement for 30 years already - as an enthusiast, as a local distributor of the most relevant manufacturers, an ardent chronicler and even as a developer of a very original audio equipment.

He is not only one of the first professionals who witnessed the emergence of High End Audio in Russia, but all these decades Misha was and still is a part of its inner workings, he rides the dynamic loop of the industry's ups and downs.

The combination of his talents and his involvement, a wealth of his experience makes one question the very possibility of another work with equal level of expertise being published here in foreseeable future.

The book goes back to the roots of High End Audio, it scrapes off the solidified layers of misconceptions and vulgarization from its very core.

You'll get a much more wholesome and valid picture than a simmering multitude of mass media publications can provide.

As a part of the recent Sound Studies discourse in the world and in Russia the book takes a stand in assessing the audio phenomena of daily life with clarity, it's an oasis of common sense.

There are things that even audio aesthetes rarely think about on their quest for the ultimate perfection. But no matter where your road takes you after reading StereoPravda, you won't be able to listen to the sound the way you used to, your hearing changes.

The book is equally practical and contemplative, it reintroduces the basic principles and forgotten axioms that even the most zealous sound connoisseurs tend to overlook despite their simplicity - or probably because of it.

This is also a very personal work. The intricate curves of the author's destiny are shaped by the global history's course, they make his view of High End Audio's part, present and - more importantly - future highly original.

Whatever Big Misha is doing - developing some hi-end hardware, taking a whole chapter of John Peel's book all to himself, cruising an ocean with Alan Parsons or producing Marc Almond's Russian album - it is all done with vivacity, the sense of humor and selfless devotion to the music and genuinely hi-end sound.

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