#6. “Out of the Mouths of Babies Comes the Truth”


#6. “Out of the Mouths of Babies Comes the Truth”

Yesterday I conducted a personal demo of our StereoPravda SPearphone SB- family of earphones for an old friend of mine.
Time after time I am taken aback by how precise common people, who never heard of High End Audio, can sometimes describe the “sonics” of what they heard.
Even if they don’t have any experience in making such sound comparisons, nevertheless a complete “neophyte” can present his opinions about the sonic differences between the various models of our In-The-Ear-Monitors in a way that closely follows the truth.
It’s even more amusing after such experiences to read the opinions of the “experts” in the field, who’s been spending tens of years on accumulating knowledge and refining their skill, but who desperately trying to use them, whirling like a cat on hot bricks, in an attempt to describe, as a rule, barely significant sonic differences between proverbial two “freshness-of-second class” sonic “sturgeons”.
However hard you’re trying not to, but you can’t help to avoid thinking of a famous saying: “Out of the mouths of babies comes the truth…”. Ordinary people are not being prejudiced in any way, so as our hearing apparatus is just the same for everybody, their opinions can be very useful for re-calibration of unbridled experts’ reports, especially, when they’re very often trying to describe the audio clothes of “the Naked King”.
You can’t avoid an impression that in the latter case the whole expertise is based upon a virtuoso ability to use the equilibristic of the “Aesop language” to impart to some miniscule and insignificant differences a scale of grandiose proportions.
There is no doubt that there is a, sometimes significant, difference between various audio products. But the task for all participants of the audio market, experts included, is, precisely, to describe the difference in an appropriate, for the current Zeitgeist, context.
In our opinion, the context must correspond to the span of the current technological capabilities, new demography with the newly formed music listening habits of potential users, and the last, but not least, the new economic situation. Obviously, for efficiency of our mutual effort, all the context’s aspects should be considered as a single entity.
The old version of the High End Audio – the “Home” one – started “to bulge at the seams” when “the noise of the broken spears” over “micro-“ audio components’ differences started to silence “the truth out of babies mouths”.

When, following wrongly interpreted “The Law of Diminishing Returns” “the (self)-inflated” High End gurus started, leniently, to look from above at the sonic demands of “the common people”.
That’s why now, when we, some reluctantly, are pushed to a new technological platform of the High End Audio – “The Portable High End Audio” – with completely new set of conditions, we must remember that the fuel for its promotion and expansion can be only “macro-“ achievements, which can be based only on solid new (or well forgotten old) and significant ideas. The same applies to the quickly developing audio portable market.
Just endlessly polishing audio “steam engines” - the holes on their bodies have already started to appear – would not take us afar.

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