BLOG #112. Misha Kucherenko’s Album Of The Year – 2022


BLOG #112. Misha Kucherenko’s Album Of The Year – 2022

This is all about The Law of Synchronicity: at the moment when I've been contemplating over choosing My Album Of 2022, it's just been released.

After a year of various feedback loops' closures and multiple deja-vus, I can't think of a better representation of the current Zeitgeist here than just released new Boris Grebenshikov’s album called "Bard Songs".

Like after a digital filter, a right amplitude - with all its significant bit orders' content properly decoded, however, converted to analog domain at a wrong moment - is a wrong amplitude, likewise, after your own life's outlook filter, something significant starts to really resonate with your reality only when it arrives at the right time.

My generation as a whole missed the scope of these songs (written in 1950-60-ies by the local singer-songwriters, or, bards, as they were called here at the time) mostly due to their general public view's dormancy, which, in its turn, was due to their (to put it mildly) "unofficial" status.

As another bard sang, "The Times, They Are A-Changin'", and, as it looks now that they've just completed here a full cycle (with Boris Grebenshikov himself's official status completed a full cycle too - it was recently relegated here again to his Soviet years' "undesirable" one) – so, only of now, and finally, I became fully able to notice the significance too.

Below is a link to Boris' own presentation of the whole album (in Russian):

Courtesy goes to Alexander Kan for his excellent review of this album.

Happy New Year to everybody!

All the best in 2023!


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