BLOG #108. “StereoPravda” Videocast’s Report On Our Various Activities During Moscow HiFi & High End Show-2022


BLOG #108. “StereoPravda” Videocast’s Report On Our Various Activities During Moscow HiFi & High End Show-2022

Misha Kucherenko’s and Yaroslav Vorobyov’s videocast “StereoPravda” had our own room during Moscow HiFi & High End Show (October 13th to 16th in hotel “Borodino), where we set up a couple of demo systems based on Magnepan MG-20.1 and Alon “Circe” loudspeakers, Dan D’Agostino’s integrated amplifier and Jadis “845” SET-amplifier, dartZeel preamplifier, MSB and Matrx DACs, Kubala-Sosna cables, Torus Power AC-conditioner and VoxModule equipment stand.

The eleventh episode of our videocast is devoted to the first part of our report from the show. It includes Misha’s interviews with some of the show’s exhibitors (MMS, Digis, SALabs, Reezoldini, Gong-AV, Top High End, En-Trade, Sonus Victor, Barnsley Sound Organization) and a footage depicting various StereoPravda activities at the event: seminars with some of our previous videocast episodes’ special guests, the winners of our show prizes (including our own peerless StereoPravda SPearphone “SB-7” ear monitors) and some fragments of Misha’s masterclasses in the room of our videocast’s General Sponsor En-Trade.

The second part of the show report will feature Nikolay Efremov, the Editor-In-Chief of Russia’s most prominent audio magazine (now the Internet portal) “Salon-AV” and our good friend, and a very colorful personality, Gints Gooks of Pro1 in Latvia (who – within a month! – came to his second audio show in Russia). That videocast will feature both their interviews and the three of us auditioning a couple of systems at the show and discussing their merits and faults. That twelfth episode of our videocast will be “aired” on AVReport YouTube channel on November the 25th:

The link to the episode of our “StereoPravda” videocast (all in Russian) can be found here:

The Intro to the episode in English can be found here:





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