BLOG #106. Chris Sommovigo – Rest In Peace


BLOG #106. Chris Sommovigo – Rest In Peace

Chris Sommovigo was much more to me than just a like-minded audiophile, a colleague or even the dearest brother-in-arms in this industry. He's been always a supporting mentor, who always put his money where his mouth was.

From his venerable original Stereovox SEI-600 (developed jointly with Tony de Almeida Santos) via unbeatable Stereolab TRON and to his Widowmaker masterpieces (of course, his latest Black Cat Cable and Graceline products included too) - they were all like litmus tests to me. If after inserting Chris' products in the equipment chain an audio system's sound would improve, then I knew I am definitely on the right track, if not, then something in it was definitely wrong, and I had to find the culprit.
Chris never spared his efforts when I would ask him for help, and when I needed a cable for my StereoPravda SPearphone ear monitors I had no doubts about who can be the only person in the whole world who would deliver it - and Chris did exactly what I needed (after more than ten various iterations through which he never asked me for any compensation for his time, effort or money).

To me, High End Audio is not about gear per se, it's about soul, inspiration and creativity – and Chris embodied all of them in spades.
That's why I will always cherish every moment I spent with him, and that's why his legacy will continue to enrich us all.

[pic #1 – left to right: Chris Sommovigo, EveAnna Manley and me @RMAF-2018]
[pic #2 – Original Stereovox SEI-600]
[pic #3 – StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7 equipped with Black Cat Cable Pravda-32 Mk. 1 custom cable]

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