BLOG#104. Misha Kucherenko’s Book Was Delivered To The High End Show-2022 In Munich


BLOG#104. Misha Kucherenko’s Book Was Delivered To The High End Show-2022 In Munich


Being unable to attend the High End Show in Munich this year I was delighted to know that some of my presence is still there anyway.
I can’t overestimate my gratitude to Guks Gints (of Latvian Pro1 – see his colorful personality next to Mark Cohen of Audeze on the attached picture) – the co-publisher of the English language edition of my book – for bringing and distributing dozens of its (printed in Russia) copies at the show.
Without his rock-solid determination to support the project the book would has never seen the light of the day.

In the last thirty years I wore (almost) all possible hats in High End Audio – from a common enthusiast, through a dealer, an installer and a distributor – via stunts as a recording producer for a few projects including the most prominent Russian musicians plus a #1 UK charts artist, and a no-holds-barred IEMs manufacturer – to finally, a journalist and a writer (so, incidentally, quite a few people around me are always totally confused about WHAT I really do - I've done it all, baby:-), and still do).
Yes, and on the top of it all, an audio delinquent too – just posting this via an “extremist” social networks (according to a recent Russian law).

Actually, all the audio products I developed, produced and delivered through these various intertwined channels represent a totality where the whole cannot be reduced just to the sum of its parts.

And even so, in terms of the products' customer returns, that is, providing the biggest aesthetic and sonic bang for their buck, this book – at least, in my book – delivers the biggest one of all.

The full photo album of the book’s recipients at the Munich show can be found here:

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