BLOG # 33. A Few Visitors’ Impressions From Our Demo At The CanJam London-2017


BLOG # 33. A Few Visitors’ Impressions From Our Demo At The CanJam London-2017

To round off our exhibiting at the CanJam London-2017 a few recent quotes from the show’s visitors:

(post #75 at the very bottom of the page):

“…Although, there were two standouts for me. One, being the ZMF Eikon at the Feliks Audio stand. I have always had a thing for closed backs, and this is by far the finest pair I have ever tried. For me, it easily outshone every open and closed back offering available. From Audeze, to Sennheiser and MrSpeakers. Second, the rather unknown Stereo Pravda SB-7. An absolute engineering marvel. A true revelation in the IEM market. It was as if I was re-listening to songs I have heard a thousand times over. A gold standard product, one that I hope will catch fire; and the attention it deserves. I will definitely do my best to get a hold of a pair”.

“On sound, the SB7 is divine. The mids are sweet and layered. The stage is holographic. The sound is extraordinarily natural. That is a good finger in my earhole. That is really f***ing excellent, more please.
For me the best measure of the quality of an audio device is how much the headphone sounds like live music. This sounds so much like live music it’s amazing. The soundstage was tall and deep with excellent realism”.

The’s conclusion here at his post #129:

“For the whole show here were my Top 3 listens on sound quality (these are not ordered, need more listening for that):

•    Stereo Pravda SB7
•    Empire Ears big prototype
•    64Audio tia Fourte

…My personal highlights of the show from an non-sonic perspective were as follows:
o    Dinner with Axel Grell of Sennheiser
o    Finally meeting Jack Vang, Dean Vang, and Eric Chong (Vangs of Empire Ears, Eric of Effect Audio)
o    A long and enlightening conversation with Misha Kucherenko of Stereo Pravda
o    And the splendours of the Advanced (ADV) stand”.

“There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of these guys yet but the Russian StereoPravda will get known very fast, mark my words…the sound simply blows you away. Incredible”.

We are also featured in the Best Of The Show at the very end of the above review.

“…Unlike most ‘in ear’ designs, StereoPravda’s ‘in the ear’ monitors live up to the ‘SPearphone’ name because they are designed to sit deeper in the ear canal than most”.

I don’t have to mention that all the quotes are from our booth’s visitors above are expressed by the listeners who were never exposed to our products before, so with no vested interest in their opinion whatsoever, these quotes can be qualified as totally unbiased.

Also, big kudos go to our great friends and the partners at the show booth – Kennerton Audio – for all their indispensable help.

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