StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7A In The Ear (IEM) monitor


Quick Overview

Audiophile's In The Ear monitor


  • 7 Balanced Armature Drivers per channel, all drivers share the same axis;
  • custom made Stereolab IEM cable;
  • carefully selected for its sonics mini jack connector in the adaptor;
  • two mini-XLRs connectors on the IEM (to be used "two-way" active configuration with StereoPravda DACCA unit);
  • mini-XLRs to mini-jack adaptor to be used with typical mini jack applications made with the same Stereolab IEM cable;
  • impedance: 20 Ohms (differential input full bandwith section), 22 Ohms (differential input "low" section), 16 Ohms using single end mini-jack adapter;
  • total cable length(left ear to mini-jack adapter): 1 meter.