BLOG #23. Audio Precision APx555 Measurements Of The StereoPravda SPearphone SB-7

At the last Canjam NYC-2017 Ryan O’Connor from Audio Precision measured our SB-7s using their (up to $32.000 in cost) APx555 measurement rig.

For those who are interested, the results are presented here:

An earphone’s positioning and, obviously, its seal inside the measurements coupler are very critical parameters for obtaining more or less reliable data, so it took Ryan a few attempts to obtain, in his opinion, the optimal ones.

As a clue for such an optimal positioning and seal, he looked at the measurement data matching between the two channels, so he attempted to get it as close as possible.

As we developed the SB-7 with no measurements whatsoever, I asked Ryan if he can spot any particular traits in the data.

He mentioned a phase sweep in lower bass, which we do hear with the SB-7 mini-jack version (and which can be compensated by using the SB-7A – with two mini-XLRs – being driven by our active two-way DACCA unit).

Otherwise, he didn’t point to anything else which can, in his opinion, lead to some serious sonic conclusions.

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